Proud to be an Aggie!

Great news has come to light and I am only just finding out about it, and as usual, am late to the party. Aggie ACHIEVE is a new program designed to give students with intellectual and developmental disabilities the full college experience!

Texas A&M Today’s website states, “students will live on campus, participate in classes and serve in clubs and organizations.”

The students will also have Aggie ACHIEVEmates who will help integrate them into college life and be a companion to help them with building good study habits, being a lunch buddy, and helping with coursework, as a few examples.

This is so exciting! At ULL where I got my bachelor’s degree, we had a similar program called the Life Program. I’m so happy to see that this movement of inclusion is gaining traction and makes me proud to be an Aggie!


Just a quick update: I met my mentee who is legally blind at orientation and it was amazing seeing the professors who are so willing to go above and beyond to help her get the correct resources she will need for her classes this year. I will help her as much as I can as well, however we have such knowledgeable professors and staff who have expertise in what she will need. This also makes me proud to be an Aggie!



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